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Modification of hexagonal boron nitride nanoparticles with fluorosilane

Erstellt von Lisa Czympiel |

H. Erdem Çamurlu, Sanjay Mathur, Osman Arslan, Esin Akarsu


Surfaces of hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) nanoparticles were modified with perfluorooctyl-triethoxysilane (FTS). Experiments were performed for 40–120 min in 70–150 °C range with FTS/hBN weight ratio in the range of 0.5–1.5. The products were analyzed by FT-IR, TGA, FESEM, HRTEM and EDX. Results of FT-IR analyses indicated that modification takes place in 80 min at 150 °C under reflux with a FTS/hBN ratio of 1.5. Presence of FTS on hBN nanoparticles was confirmed by the weight losses in TGA, and by TEM, TEM-EDX analyses.

Ceram. Int., Jan. 2016, ahead of print.

Opens external link in new window10.1016/j.ceramint.2016.01.019

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