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New Review in International Materials Reviews published!

Microwave-assisted synthesis of nanocrystalline binary and ternary metal oxides

Markus B. Schütz,Lisong Xiao,Thomas Lehnen,Thomas Fischer, Sanjay Mathur



Interplay of chemistry and nanotechnology has effectively substantiated the ever-expanding horizons of materials chemistry, leading to a paradigm shift in (nano)materials synthesis. Current challenges of chemically processed materials include efforts to redesign synthetic procedures by using less hazardous starting materials, choosing milder reaction conditions, shortening time scale of chemical transformations and most importantly reduction of energy requirements. In this context, successful substitution of classical energy input by microwave radiation is a promising alternative in most fields of common chemical synthesis. This review highlights the latest developments in the synthesis of advanced inorganic materials by microwave-assisted chemical reactions. When compared to conventional convective and conductive heating techniques, microwave irradiation provides efficient internal volumetric heating through generation of localised high temperature zones in the reaction media by direct coupling of microwave energy to the molecules present in the reaction mixture, thereby enabling rapid synthesis with superior yield and both reduced reaction time as well as processing steps.


Int. Mater. Rev. 2017, 1-34.

Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterDOI: 10.1080/09506608.2017.1402158

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