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New Paper on High Activity Heterogeneous Catalysts

High activity heterogeneous catalysts by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition of volatile palladium complexes on biomorphic carbon

Lisa Czympiel, Michael Frank, Andreas Mettenbörger, Sven-Martin Hühne, Sanjay Mathur


Six new palladium complexes based on allyl and alkenolate ligands were synthesized and structurally characterized. Combination of delocalized allylic sp2-hybridized carbon centers and a strongly binding NˆO chelating unit (e.g., 3,3,3-trifluoro(pyridin-2-yl)propen-2-ol) offered a promising combination of high volatility and thermal lability not commonly observed in noble metal precursors. Application of the new Pd compounds in thermal metal–organic and plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition demonstrated their clean and efficient decomposition pathways, which in conjunction with their intriguing air stability made them efficient precursors for Pd films and clusters. Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition of the palladium compounds on biomorphic carbon used as a porous substrate with high surface area and interconnected channels delivered recyclable carbon-supported Pd catalysts (Pd@BioC), which showed excellent selectivity, stability, and recyclability in CC coupling reactions.

C. R. Chim. (2018).


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