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New Book Chapter Published in SEMI: Nanowires for Energy Applications

Inorganic nanofibers by electrospinning techniques and their application in energy conversion and storage systems.

Ludwig, T.; Bohr, C.; Queraltó, A.; Frohnhoven, R.; Fischer, T.; Mathur, S.


Nanowires for Energy Applications, Volume 98, covers the latest breakthrough research and exciting developments in nanowires for energy applications. This volume focuses on various aspects of Nanowires for Energy Applications, presenting interesting sections on Electrospun semiconductor metal oxide nanowires for energy and sensing applications, Integration into flexible and functional materials, Nanowire Based Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells, Semiconductor Nanowires for Thermoelectric Generation, Energy Scavenging: Mechanical, Thermoelectric, and Nanowire synthesis/growth methods, and more.


Nanowires for Energy Applications, Volume 98, 1st Edition.  ISBN: 9780128151396

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