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Principal Investigator, Research Group Leader

Sanjay Mathur


Prof. Dr. Dr. (h.c.) Sanjay Mathur
Chair Professor

Institute of Inorganic Chemistry

Greinstr. 6
Office 430
50939 Cologne (GERMANY)

Telefon +49-221-470-4107
Fax +49-221-470-4899
E-Mail sanjay.mathur(at)



CV of Sanjay Mathur
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Portrait Sanjay Mathur
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vCard Sanjay Mathur
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Research Areas

  • Scaled-up Synthesis of Nanoparticles, Assembly and Architectures
  • Large Area Nanostructured Functional Coatings
  • Chemical Vapour Deposition, Sol-­Gel and Hydrothermal Techniques
  • Growth and Patterning of One-Dimensional Nanostructures
  • Molecular Precursors with Tunable Composition and Functionality
  • Printable Nanostructures for Photovoltaic and Battery Applications
  • Bioactive and Biocompatible Nanostructured Surfaces and Nanotoxicity
  • Nanodevices: Gas, Photo and Bio-­Chemical Sensors

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