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Thomas Fischer


Dr. Thomas Fischer
Senior Scientist (akademischer Rat)

Institute of Inorganic Chemistry

Greinstr. 6
Office 302
50939 Cologne (GERMANY)

Telephone +49-221-470-1979
Fax +49-221-470-4899
E-mail t.fischer(at)



Thomas Fischer
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Recent Publications (selection)

  • Frank, M.; Jürgensen, L.; Leduc, J.; Stadler, D.; Graf, D.; Gessner, I.; Zajusch, F.; Fischer, T.; Rose, M. -A.; Mueller, D. N.; Mathur, S. Volatile Rhenium(I) Compounds with Re–N Bonds and Their Conversion into Oriented Rhenium Nitride Films by Magnetic Field-Assisted Vapor Phase Deposition. Inorganic Chemistry 2019, acs.inorgchem.9b01656.
  • Bohr, C.; Pfeiffer, M.; Öz, S.; von Toperczer, F.; Lepcha, A.; Fischer, T.; Schütz, M.; Lindfors, K.; Mathur, S. Electrospun Hybrid Perovskite Fibers—Flexible Networks of One-Dimensional Semiconductors for Light-Harvesting Applications. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2019, acsami.9b05700.
  • Pyeon, M.; Rauch, V.; Stadler, D.; Gürsoy, M.; Deo, M.; Gönüllü, Y.; Fischer, T.; Hwang, T.; Mathur, S. Magnetic Field‐Assisted Control of Phase Composition and Texture in Photocatalytic Hematite Films. Advanced Engineering Materials 2019, 1900195.
  • Queraltó, A.; Graf, D.; Frohnhoven, R.; Fischer, T.; Vanrompay, H.; Bals, S.; Bartasyte, A.; Mathur, S. LaFeO3 Nanofibers for High Detection of Sulfur-Containing Gases. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 2019, acssuschemeng.8b06132.
  • Gessner, I.; Yu, X.; Jüngst, C.; Klimpel, A.; Wang, L.; Fischer, T.; Neundorf, I.; Schauss, A. C.; Odenthal, M.; Mathur, S. Selective Capture and Purification of MicroRNAs and Intracellular Proteins through Antisense-vectorized Magnetic Nanobeads. Scientific Reports 2019, 9, 2069.
  • Möllmann, A.; Gedamu, D.; Vivo, P.; Frohnhoven, R.; Stadler, D.; Fischer, T.; Ka, I.; Steinhorst, M.; Nechache, R.; Rosei, F.; Cloutier, S. G.; Kirchartz, T.; Mathur, S. Highly Compact TiO2 Films by Spray Pyrolysis and Application in Perovskite Solar Cells. Advanced Engineering Materials 2019, 1801196.
  • Podhorsky, J.; Murauskas, T.; Hegemann, C.; Graf, D.; Fischer, T.; Babiak, M.; Pinkas, J.; Plausinaitiene, V.; Mathur, S.; Abrutis, A.; Moravec, Z. Preparation of Heteroleptic Tin(IV) N,O‐beta‐Heteroarylalkenolate Complexes and Their Properties as PI‐MOCVD Precursors for SnO2 Deposition. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2018.
  • Sasinska, A.; Leduc, J.; Frank, M.; Czympiel, L.; Fischer, T.; Christiansen, S.; Mathur, S. Competitive interplay of deposition and etching processes in atomic layer growth of cobalt and nickel metal films. Journal of Materials Research 2018.
  • Bialuschewski, D.; Hoppius, J. S.; Frohnhoven, R.; Deo, M.; Gönüllü, Y.; Fischer, T.; Gurevich, E. L.; Mathur, S. Laser-Textured Metal Substrates as Photoanodes for Enhanced PEC Water Splitting Reactions. Advanced Engineering Materials 2018, 1800167.
  • Ludwig, T.; Bohr, C.; Queraltó, A.; Frohnhoven, R.; Fischer, T.; Mathur, S. Inorganic nanofibers by electrospinning techniques and their application in energy conversion and storage systems. In SEMI: Nanowires for Energy Applications; Mokkapati, S.; Jagadish, C., Reds; Elsevier Inc., 2018.