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MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit 2018

In November 2018, representatives of Cologne MRS/E-MRS International Chapter together with Prof. S. Mathur (Faculty Advisor) visited one of the most important and largest (more than 7000 international participants and 52 symposia) conferences on advanced materials sciences – the MRS Fall Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. Here, students had the chance to present their scientific work in front of an experienced audience and directly interact and connect with experts working on cutting-edge technologies about materials processing, renewable energies and health applications. Besides scientific presentations, industrial exhibitors presented their state-of-the-art technological equipment for possible collaboration in academia. Furthermore, social events like student mixers in the evening offered possibilities especially for young investigators to find synergies in scientific and personal aspects. Therefore, this meeting enables researchers of materials society to interact in different chapters to share their expertise. Additionally, to our scientific presentations in different symposia (e. g. perovskite solar cells, thermochromic windows, nanomaterials for sustainability) this year our research group lively participated in the student chapter `Focus on Sustainability`. To draw attention on renewable energies in every day’s life our students invented an interactive smart phone app in cooperation with the chapter in which participants could earn attractive rewards. A unique experience was the organization of Symposium X that present topics of global interest by distinguished speakers to inform the MRS participants on the future directions of research. We left Boston with so much impressions and promising scientific interactions but also having the feeling that there is so much to discover in the future. We were very glad about the opportunity of representing the MRS/E-MRS chapter and University of Cologne in Massachusetts and hope on new ideas and contacts that could bring home.