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Advanced Training School and Workshop

From Molecular Engineering to Advanced Materials

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Global challenge for technological developments enabling novel and sustainable energy harvesting materials and devices has never been higher before. This international summit on Science and Technology of Hybrid Energy Harvesting Technologies is a premium forum for researchers, engineers and enterpreneurs to discuss the most recent innovation, trends, challenges and solutions adopted for hybrid energy harvesting solutions. This event organized in the framework of the European Initial Training Network ENHANCE - „Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters for Self-Powered Automotive Sensors: from Advanced Lead-Free Materials to Smart Systems „will bring together participants from academics and industrial sector to share their vision on materials requirements for future and emergent energy technologies enabling minimization of the carbon footprint and maximization of resource efficiency, in particular, development of energy harvesters compatible with MEMS technology and able to power wireless sensor. Applied to automobiles, such technology will allow for 50 kg of weight saving, connection simplification, space reduction, and reduced maintenance costs - all major steps towards creating green vehicles.  ENHANCE links world-leading research groups at academic institutions to give a combined, integrated approach of synthesis/fabrication, characterization, modeling/theory linked to concepts for materials integration in devices and systems. Such a science-supported total engineering approach will lead towards efficient piezoelectric energy harvesters viable for the automotive industry. ENHANCE focus on this common research objective, applying a multidisciplinary bottom-up approach, which can be summarized by: "engineered molecule- advanced material- designed device - smart system". ENHANCE also seeks to intensify the relationship between academic and private sectors, and to train highly skilled young researchers for new materials and device technologies. Both are essential to provide a strong European lead over the rest of the world in this highly competitive industry.

The main objective is to discuss new development in the field of materials and energy (efficient) technologies and their possible impact on greener processing and engineering solutions based on cleaner technologies such as vibrational and piezoelectric energy harvesters. The scientific program and topical area covers the entire range of new materials, processing needs and devices for energy sustainability, focusing on the latest scientific and technological innovations.

This event will unify an Advanced Training School for the Early Stage Researchers with focus on molecular level engineering of energy harvesting materials and an International Symposium on Energy Harvesting Materials & Devices. Both the events include the participation of globally renowned experts, who will deliver both educational lectures as well as thematic talks together with oral presentations by young scientists. In addition, posters sessions will be organized to give the younger participants a chance to present their research and interact with their professional peers. This meeting will offer material researchers and users a valuable opportunity for gaining new knowledge on energy harvesting materials in the fields of smart processing, advanced materials, and energy conversion methodologies.

We look forward to welcome you in Cologne!




Sanjay Mathur

University of Cologne, Germany

Ausrine Bartasyte

University of Bourgogne Franche-Comté FEMTO-ST


Michael Heuken

AIXTRON, Herzogenrath, Germany