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Flüssigphasensynthese nanostrukturierter Materialien

Solvo-/Hydrothermal Synthesis

Solvo-/Hydrothermal materials synthesis is carried out in various autoclaves (Berghof) for up to a process temperature of 200 °C and autogeneous pressure of 200 bar.

Microwave Synthesis

Microwave assisted decomposition of precursors is possible with 2 commercial laboratory systems (CEM), thus reducing reaction times by increased heating rates. Reactions can be maintained under autogeneous pressure of up to 20 bar.

Up-scalled Synthesis

Up-scaling of synthesis procedures for molecular precursors and nanoscaled materials up to a total volume of 5 litres can be achieved by using the groups mini-Pilot reaction system (Büchi-Glas-Uster).

Thermal Decomposition

Thermal decomposition of precursors in high-boiling solvents yield highly crystalline quantum dots or nanoparticles using hot-injection or related techniques. Precise temperature control and precursor feed are essential for reproducible results.