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Special Issue on Ceramic and Composite Fibers for Energy and Health Applications

OPEN ceramics

Open Ceramics, the official, peer-reviewed, Open Access journal of the European Ceramic Society, published by Elsevier, invites research and review articles to be published in a special issue “Ceramic and Composite Fibers for Energy and Health Applications”.

One-dimensional (nano)-fibers have found several application fields like gas sensing, Li-ion batteries, photovoltaics, electrochemical water splitting, filtration processes, wound dressing or drug delivery approaches. As a versatile, simple and up scalable method for (nano)-fiber generation, electrospinning received increasingly attention in recent years. By variation of process parameters,

characteristic properties such as material composition, morphology, size or porosity can be modified to fit desired application needs.

The aim of this featured issue is to gather contributions that address current progress in the field of electrospinning with a special focus on ceramic and composite fibers, advancing the status quo in energy and health applications. Thus, Open Ceramics welcomes novel contributions including, but not limited to:

  • Sophisticated fiber-shaping by modified electrospinning approaches

  • Generation of ceramic or composite fibers with improved functionalities

  • Integration of single fibers or meshes in device architectures

  • Core-shell fiber geometries with applications in energy or health topics

  • Post-process modification or functionalization of fiber assemblies

    We kindly invite you to submit your work to contribute to this special issue.

    Deadline for manuscript submission with OA Full Waiver: June 30, 2022.

  1. Special Issue Guest Editors

    Prof. Sanjay Mathur

    University of Cologne, Chair of Inorganic and Materials Chemistry

    Prof. Filippo Pierini

    Polish Academy of Sciences (Warsaw), Institute of Fundamental Technological Research

    Prof. N. V. Ravi Kumar

    Indian Institute of Technology, (IITM) Madras, India

Open Ceramics, Editor-in-Chief
Prof. Ing. Paolo Colombo
University of Padova, Department Industrial Engineering, Via Marzolo 9, 35131 Padova, Italy and The Pennsylvania State University, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University Park, PA 16802, USA

Special Issue Information

We are pleased to inform you that this Special Issue will waive the APC (Article Publishing Charge) until 30. June 2022. This will be applicable for any submissions received before this date, which are accepted for publication after peer review.

When submitting your manuscripts, please specify that your paper is a contribution to the Special Issue entitled “Ceramic and Composite Fibers for Energy and Health Applications” and select the article type “VSI: Ceramic and Composite Fibers”. Please also refer to the Author Instructions (via 5395/guide-for-authors) prior to submission for the proper format of your manuscripts.

Supplementary data or material related to the articles published in this Special Issue can be uploaded in Mendeley Data Repository or in other repositories listed here and referred to as indicated in the Guide for Authors of this journal.

Example of Reference to a dataset: [dataset] [6] M. Oguro, S. Imahiro, S. Saito, T. Nakashizuka, Mortality data for Japanese oak wilt disease and surrounding forest compositions, Mendeley Data, v1, 2015.