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Dr. Heechae Choi

  • Ph. D. Heechae Choi Group Leader (Principal Investigator) Institute of Inorganic Chemistry

    Greinstr. 6 50939 Cologne Germany
    • Theoretical Materials & Chemistry Group
    • IndependentGroupLeader
    Contact via E-Mail

Research Interests

  • Machine learning based discovery of environmental and energy materials
  • Developing solar energy conversion theory
  • Ceramic processing for water purifications
  • Durability and corrosion-resistivity improvements for environmental and energy materials

Research Topics

I. Electrodynamics into electrochemistry for advanced catalyst design

  • Implementation of electrodynamics into conventional catalysts design theory for advanced the catalyst designs with considerations of heterojunction, dynamic condition, durability, and selectivity, which have not been well considered before.
  • Experiments and computations are combined to accelerate the understanding and the developments of high-performance catalysts.

II. Experimental and mathematical study on optoelectronic materials design

  • I love to make mathematical models to deeply understand the frequently overlooked materials property change with processing conditions, which is followed by experiments to complete the validity of the models.

III. Semiconductor device and materials processing

  • Using theory models and multi-scale simulations, I have solved industrial problems in semiconductor manufacturing line.
  • One of my strong research interests is prediction of device lifetime and performances based on mass transfer, heat transfer, and quantum mechanics.

IV. Semiconductor defects and photochemistry

  • Carrier transport and photochemistry of semiconductors with point defects
  • Theoretical predictions of defect equilibria predictions experimental verifications

Important Grants

  • DAAD Grant (MOPGA-GRI), (Sep.2018-Aug.2022), 1Million Euro
  • Research Council of Fundamental Science and Technology (KRCF) (May2012-Apr.2015), 150Million KRW

Project Funding as PI

  • Samsung Electronics network device quality control (Dec.2018-Mar.2019) – Samsung
  • Apple Inc’s Antenna Materials Processing (Oct.2017 – Sep.2018) - KITECH
  • Samsung Electromechanics capacitor lifetime prediction (May.2019-Oct.2019) - Samsung
  • Piezoelectric materials screening with computations (Apr. 2021-May2021) - KICET
  • Solid state electrolyte development for Li-ion battery (Oct.2021-Dec.2021) -KICET
  • Parderborn Center for Parallel Computing (PC2) (Oct. 2020-Sep.2021)
  • QM2 Grant implemented in University of Cologne (German excellence initiative by DFG)
  • SPARC Project (India-Germany) (2019-2021) – India Government

Computation skills

  • Density functional theory (DFT) calculations (VASP)
  • Time-dependent DFT (TDDFT) calculations
  • Finite element method (FEM)

Paper Publications

<Book chapter>

1. F. Ünlü, E. Jung, S. Öz, Heechae Choi, T. Fischer, S. Mathur, “Chemical Processing of Mixed-Cation Hybrid Perovskites: Stabilizing Effects of Configurational Entropy”, Perovskite Solar Cells: Materials, Processes, and Devices, 2021, p.1-p.31.


<Peer-reviewed journal publications>


  1. A. K. Singh+, S. Ji+, B. Singh, C. Das, Heechae Choi*, P. W. Menezes*, A. Indra*, “Alkaline Oxygen Evolution:  Exploring Synergy between fcc and hcp Cobalt Nanoparticles Entrapped in N-doped Graphene”, Mater. Today Chem., 2022, In press.
  2. Y. Sim, H. Cha, S. Surendran, M. Je, H. Choi, S. Yoo, D. C. Seok, Y. H. Jung, C. Jeon, D. J. Kim, M.-K. Han, Heechae Choi*, U. Sim*, J. Moon*, “Fluorine-doped Graphene Oxide Prepared by Direct Plasma Treatment for Supercapacitor Applications” Chem. Eng. J., 2022, In press.
  3. M. Je, H.-Y. Ahn, M. Dreger, H. Cho, C. Kim, J. Kim, S.-H. Cho, Heechae Choi*, “Using Miscibility Gap of Anion-mixed Metal Chalcogenide for Effective Band Gap Engineering with Temperature: Density functional theory and experimental study”, Solar RRL, 2022, In a minor revision.



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  2. L. Pasqualini, M. Je, H. Huppertz, Heechae Choi, J. Bruns, “Triple Vertex Linkage of (BO4)-Tetrahedra in a Borosulfate: Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Quantum Chemical Investigation of Sr[B3O(SO4)4(SO4H)]” Angew. Chem., 2021, 60, 1.
  3. Heechae Choi, T. Kim, H. Park, “Defect Engineering of TiNb2O7 compound for enhanced Li-ion battery anode performances”, Electrochim. Acta, 2021, In press.
  4. M. Kim+, J. Lee+, M. Je+, B. Heo, H. Yoo, Heechae Choi*, J. Choi*, K. Lee*, “Electric Field-driven One-step Formation of Vertical p-n Junction TiO2 Nanotube Having Strong Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production” J. Mater. Chem. A 2021, 9, 2239-2247.
  5. K. Chen+, S. Kim, M. Je+, Heechae Choi*, Z. Shi, N. Vladimir, K. H. Kim*, O. L. Li*, “Ultrasonic-Plasma Engineering toward Facile Synthesis of Single-Atom M-N4/N-doped carbon (M=Fe, Co) as Superior Oxygen Electrocatalyst in Rechargeable Zinc-Air Batteries”, Nano-Micro Letters, 2021, 13, 1-20.
  6. S. Kim, S. Ji, K. H. Kim, S. H. Roh, Y. Cho, C.-L. Lee, K.-S. Lee, D.-G. Choi, Heechae Choi*, J. K. Kim*, J. H. Park*, “Revisiting surface chemistry in TiO2: a critical role of ionic passivation for pH-independent and anti-corrosive photoelectrochemical water oxidation” Chem. Eng. J. 2021, 407, 126929.
  7. H. Nam, E. S. Sim, M. Je, Heechae Choi*, Y.-C. Chung*, “Theoretical Approach Toward Optimum Anion-doping on MXene Catalyst for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction: An Ab initio Thermodynamics Study” ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2021, 13, 37035.
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  9. Heechae Choi, H. Han, S.-I. Moon, M. Je, S. Lee, J. Kwon, S. Kim, K.-R. Lee, G. Ali, S. Mathur, U. Paik, S.-Z. Qiao, T. Song, “Strategy to utilize amorphous phase of semiconductor towards excellent and reliable photochemical water splitting performance: Roles of interface dipole moment and reaction parallelization”, Int. J. Energy Res., 2021, Accepted.



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