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Mar. 2006 – Feb. 2012 Ph. D at Dept. Materials Science and Engineering, Hanyang University, Korea

Mar. 2001 – Feb. 2006 B. S.  at Dept. Ceramic Engineering, Hanyang University, Korea


Professional career

Sep. 2018 – Present           Group Leader at University of Cologne, Germany

July 2018 – Present            CEO (Founder) at Materials Data Corp, Korea

Aug.2021 – Present            CSO at MOP, Korea

Mar. 2016 – June 2018       CSO (Founder) at Virtual Lab Inc., Korea

Mar. 2012 – Feb. 2016        Postdoctoral Researcher at Korea Institute of Science & Technology (KIST)



Best One Thesis Award – Among 140 Ph. D. recipients from College of Engineering (Feb. 2012).

Best Ten Thesis of Hanyang University Graduate School – 10 among 1800 graduates (Feb. 2012).

Excellence of postdoctoral researchers – KIST (Dec. 2014)


Important Grants

DAAD Grant (MOPGA-GRI), (Sep.2018-Aug.2022), 1Million Euro

Research Council of Fundamental Science and Technology (KRCF) (May2012-Apr.2015), 150Million KRW



Thermodynamics of materials


Engineering mathematics

Computational materials science


Project funding acquisitions as a PI

Samsung Electronics network device quality control (Dec.2018-Mar.2019) – Samsung

Apple Inc’s Antenna Materials Processing (Oct.2017 – Sep.2018) - KITECH

Samsung Electromechanics capacitor lifetime prediction (May.2019-Oct.2019) – Samsung

Magnetic gas sensing (May 2012 – Dec. 2012) - KIST

Piezoelectric materials screening with computations (Apr. 2021-May2021) - KICET

Solid state electrolyte development for Li-ion battery (Oct.2021-Dec.2021) -KICET

Parderborn Center for Parallel Computing (PC2) (Oct. 2020-Sep.2021)

QM2 Grant implemented in University of Cologne (German excellence initiative by DFG)

SPARC Project (India-Germany) (2019-2021) – India Government

Li-ion battery electrode-anode interface chemistry (Oct.2021 – Apr.2022) – KICET


Advisorship to Technology Companies

Samsung Electronics

Belorusneft (Belarusian petroleum company)

MiCo Ceramics (Semiconductor manufacturing)

Inwoo Corporation (Catalyst manufacturing)

Virtual Lab Inc. (Materials simulation software maker)

Volmi Korea (Cosmetic materials manufacturing)


Academic activities

Guest editor of “Catalysts” by MDPI (Jan. 2020 – Present)

Main session organizer of international conferences

– MSE2020, MSE2022, MCARE2019

Research Topics

I. Electrodynamics into electrochemistry for advanced catalyst design

  • My original catalyst research with a novelty is done by implementation of electrodynamics into conventional catalysts design theory. This theory unification has made advances in the catalyst designs, with considerations of heterogeneity, dynamic condition, durability, and selectivity, which have not been well considered in the conventional computation-aided catalyst designs.
  • Experiments and computations are combined to accelerate the understanding and the developments of high-performance catalysts.

II. Machine Learning study for Li-ion battery electrode materials developments

  • Being funded by QM2 project (Internal program of University of Cologne), I am developing a new methodology to predict ionic conductivity only from electronic structure by making machine learn the relationship between the Li ion diffusion barrier and the electronic structures given by DFT calculations, which will be used for neutral network (NN) model training and predictions.

III. Corrosion-free catalyst design (electrochemistry + electromagnetism)

  • Using theory models and multi-scale simulations, I have solved industrial problems in semiconductor manufacturing line.
  • One of my strong research interests is prediction of device lifetime and performances based on mass transfer, heat transfer, and quantum mechanics.

IV. Semiconductor defects and photochemistry

  • Carrier transport and photochemistry of semiconductors with point defects
  • Theoretical predictions of defect equilibria predictions experimental verifications

Paper Publications

<Book chapter>

1. F. Ünlü, E. Jung, S. Öz, Heechae Choi, T. Fischer, S. Mathur, “Chemical Processing of Mixed-Cation Hybrid Perovskites: Stabilizing Effects of Configurational Entropy”, Perovskite Solar Cells: Materials, Processes, and Devices, 2021, p.1-p.31.


<Peer-reviewed journal publications>

+: Equally contributing 1st author

*: Corresponding author

2016-2022 (Independent)

  1. S. Kim+, S. Ji+, H. Yang, H. Son, Heechae Choi*, J. Kang, Oi L. Li*, “Near surface electric field enhancement: Pyridinic-N rich few-layer graphene encapsulating cobalt catalysts as highly active and stable bifunctional ORR/OER catalyst for seawater batteries”, Appl. Catal. B: Environ., 2022. Accepted.
  2. Y. Li, M. Je, J. Kim, C. Xia, S. H. Roh, H. Lee, D.-H. Kim, S. M. Cho, J. W. Bae, Heechae Choi*, J. K. Kim*, “Rational Nanopositioning of Homogeneous Amorphous Phase on Crystallin Metal Oxide for Boosting Solar Water Oxidation”, Chem. Eng. J. 2022, 438, 135532 (Cover Article).
  3. Y. Sim, H. Cha, S. Surendran, M. Je, H. Choi, S. Yoo, D. C. Seok, Y. H. Jung, C. Jeon, D. J. Kim, M.-K. Han, Heechae Choi*, U. Sim*, J. Moon*, “Fluorine-doped Graphene Oxide Prepared by Direct Plasma Treatment for Supercapacitor Applications” Chem. Eng. J., 2022, 428, 132086 (Cover Article).
  4. Heechae Choi, T. Kim, H. Park, “Defect Engineering of TiNb2O7 compound for enhanced Li-ion battery anode performances”, Electrochim. Acta, 2022, 404, 139603.
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2008-2015 (Postdoc, PhD)

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