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Dr. Aman Bhardwaj

  • Dr. Aman Bhardwaj Postdoctoral Researcher Institute of Inorganic Chemistry

    +49 221 470 3070
    Greinstr. 6

    50939 Cologne Germany
    • Synthesis of transition metal oxide and chalcogenide materials
    • Structural, chemical and operando electrochemical characterizations
    • Device fabrication and performance evaluation for energy and environmental applications
    • Study of solid-fluid interfaces and identification of structure-property relationships
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  1. Ammonia sensing electrode, mixed potential type ammonia sensor including the sensing electrode material and method for manufacturing the same, KR 10-2020-0082388
  2. Solid electrolyte-based mixed potential type ammonia sensor and method of manufacturing it, KR 10-2020-0005398.
  3. A biomass composition for thermal insulation and method of manufacturing the same, IN 201611024361.


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