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5th International Sustainability Workshop focuses on Building Global Partnerships for Sustainable Development (SDG no. 17)

Building Global Partnerships for Sustainable Development (SDG no. 17)

Ceramics Technologies

Materials and Manufacturing for Future Mobility

Election to board of directors - ChemCologne

We are delighted to announce the election of Prof. Mathur to the board of directors of ChemCologne

We are delighted…

Launch of the Center for Ceramics Technologies for Futuristic Mobility

The Center for Ceramics Technologies for Futuristic Mobility was launched last Friday with the opening talk given by…


B.Sc. & M.Sc.

Inaugural launch of the Center of Excellence- Ceramic Technologies for Futuristic Mobility

You are cordially invited for the inaugural launch Center of Excellence on Materials and Manufacturing for Futuristic…

4th Sustainability Workshop on Education

Science education deals with processes related to the natural and physical world and thus is crucial to shape a modern…

Upcoming P-Modul lecture series

Editorial Board Scientific Reports

Prof. Sanjay Mathur has been invited to the Editorial Board of Scientific Reports (Nature Research) based on his…

RG 2021

For the second time, volunteers of RG Mathur organized a digital workshop with the topic “Without chemistry … are we…