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Our scholar intern, Marla Simon won the Jugend Forscht price

Congratulations to Marla Simon, our esteemed scholar intern for the Jugend Forscht prize for the third time!


The 1st of December, We and Malvern Panalytical are jointly hosting the workshop.

A workshop with Prof. Brinkman about "Interdisciplinary Concepts in Energy Materials"

Our research group has a workshop "Interdisciplinary Concepts in Energy Materials: From Nuclear Waste to Improved…


The new phase of AK Mathur in Cologne has just started!

Check the October edition of the ACerS Bulletin!

Prof. Sanjay Mathur shared his thoughts about "Germany's R&D Investments Address Environmental and Human Capital…

A workshop with Prof. Prakash about "Advanced in Organic Electronics and Sensors"

Prof. Rajiv Prakash, Director of IIT Bhilai visited our research group. We had a workshop with Prof. Prakash, which was…

A workshop with Dr. Marissa Reigel about "From PhD to Industry Leadership and Career Growth"

Our research group has a workshop "From PhD to Industry Leadership and Career Growth: Insights from an ACerS Board…

Interactive Workshop about Scholarly Publishing by the Journal Publisher Kayla Dos Santos

The distinguished publisher of Materials Science & Engineering journals at Elsevier, Kayla Dos Santos, led the workshop…

A workshop (CellSpin) with German University in Cairo/Egypt

Our research group had a bilateral workshop "CellSpin" with the team of German University in Cairo/Egypt on 09.08.2023.

ACerS dialogue meeting will be on July 28th

Feel free to register for our virtual ACerS dialogue: Material challenges for a sustainable future - an African…