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RG 2021

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For the second time, volunteers of RG Mathur organized a digital workshop with the topic “Without chemistry … are we lost!”. This workshop was part of a workshop series in the context of the 2021 for young professionals in the age of 10-14 years. To fascinate 23 young professional participants by the beauty of nano and material chemistry, our volunteers prepared inflammatory demonstrating experiments as well as hand-on experiments which have been performed by the young professional at home.

Beyond (nano)chemistry, the workshop focused on the essential interaction between chemistry and sustainability. Against our expectations, it was surprising how open-minded the younger ages have been for this topic. Highlights of the workshop have been the interactive word clouds and experiments around sustainable electricity and photovoltaics. Here, the famous Grätzel cell and electricity from fruit came into account. The participation in this years’ JuniorUni was a great success and fun for us and we were very delighted to engage young professionals in sustainable nano and materials chemistry. Maybe they will become the new professionals in chemistry and will take care of sustainability and sustainable chemistry soon.

JuniorUni 2020

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AK Mathur by part of the BrainDrops - JuniorUni

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