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School meets University

Under the slogan “School meets University” the advanced chemistry course of the Lise Meitner Gymnasium, Leverkusen visited the research group Mathur. After welcoming the school class to the institute, the research group could be presented during a short theoretical introduction. Followed by a Lab tour, the students were impressed by the size of the facilities and the variety of research topics.  

“I studied Chemistry at the University of Cologne a couple of years ago, but I had not the chance to get insights into the working group and its research. It was fascinating by the wide spectra of the research and the bandwidth of the possible analytics." Mr. Sonnabend (Teacher). 

The excurse day was under the topic “Battery Day” to discuss the spectra from the well-known electrochemical Daniell element to the next-generation batteries. Besides lectures about the battery research of the working group, the students had the chance to learn during hands-on activities the joy of research. “I have never worked at a glovebox. It was very nice to have the chance to build a coin cell.” (Nicolas, Student)  

During the lunch break in the cafeteria of the university, fruitful discussions about studying chemistry took place. “Right now I can imagine the feeling as a student.” (Patricia, Student)

After the strengthening, the second part of the hands-on workshop was executed. During the later theoretical processing of the practical workshop, an intensive discussion of battery recycling and the environmental footprint of modern battery research arises.  

At the end of the “Battery Day”, all participants clarified any final questions about battery research and everyday life as a chemist student at the University of Cologne.

"The excurse day was well organized and a full success for the students, especially the hands-on workshop of building different types of batteries." (Mr. Sonnabend, Teacher).