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Template-Designed Optoelectronic Devices


The Graduate Program 'Template-Designed Optoelectronic Devices' (TIDE) aims to provide comprehensive doctoral education in the field of Organic Electronics (OE) to meet the requirements of highly qualified and multidisciplinary professionals. Worldwide, OE devices such as OLEDs have already revolutionized the field of electronics; however, technological progress has been largely made by empirical research and development, while fundamental knowledge is often still incomplete.

The central scientific questions are:

How does structural order influence optoelectronic properties of pi-conjugated materials?

How can these properties be improved by templates to optimize devices?

Considering the breadth of TIDEs research topic, we have devised five Focus Areas:

Our network of internationally recognized scientists will offer the participating doctoral candidates a unique research environment. Connected to that, TIDEs qualification program will deepen important aspects in Chemistry, Physics, and Material Sciences with its jointly taught lecture series, and its certified Bench-to-Business training (B2B) providing the mind-set needed to bridge the gap between basic research at the university and applied research in future job situations.

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