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Due to the high electronegativity difference between the oxygen and the metal atom in the metal alkoxides, the M-O bonds are strongly polarized. The alkoxy ligands act as electron pair donors and are able to coordinate to metal cation, as well as bridging to different metal centers. Due to their strong positive polarization and the presence of unoccupied or partially occupied orbitals, the metal cations are susceptible to nucleophilic attack. These properties indicate a relatively high reactivity of metal alkoxides that owing to the presence of energetically suitable vacant orbitals which can accommodate electrons from nucleophiles. Such properties make metal alkoxides susceptible to hydrolysis. Therefor the synthesis of such alkoxide precursors need to be done under exclusion of moisture. Inert atmosphere work could be done be use a glovebox. A glovebox is a container that is hermetically sealed and gas tight from the surrounding work area. A defined atmosphere for processing sensitive substances can be created within the glove box. In research group Prof. Mathur some experiments, especially the synthesis of elements with seldom and instable oxidation state, are performed in such glovebox system under argon or nitrogen condition.



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