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Cologne Summer School

Sustainable Future Strategies in Advanced Functional Ceramics for Human Well-Being from July 10 - 14, 2022

The focus of CSS 2022 in Krakow is on interdisciplinary cooperation concerning future strategies in the areas of sustainability and well-being applied to the research areas of energy, medicine, and functional materials (ceramics). The participants of the CSS 2022 Krakow have the opportunity to use existing networks and develop new synergies based on them.

The explicit goal of CSS 2022 Krakow is to prepare the next generation of young scientists for the future challenges of the ever-growing population and potential problems of sustainable energy supply and storage, medical care and prevention as well as the sustainable production of functional ceramics along the entire approaching the value chain for well-being on an international and interdisciplinary level.


If you have any questios? Contact us via mail!

CSS Krakow 2022 Coordinator

Michael Wilhelm
PhD Student

Insitute of Inorganic and Materials Chemistry

Greinstr. 6
50939 Cologne

E-mail michael.wilhelm(at)