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Synthesis of molecular precursors

Precursor chemistry

Individually synthesized complex compounds offer unique control over the formation of the desired target material. For targeted material synthesis, these molecular precursors can be modified in such a way that access to specific properties of the material is made possible. In addition, reaction conditions such as temperature, pressure, time, and amount of the reactants used can be shifted to more moderate ranges. The production of high-quality materials with a defined composition and layer thickness using different decomposition methods places high demands on molecular precursors. The synthesis of the special complex compounds is a core element of the Mathur working group. Through the use of diverse ligand systems, desired alkoxide, heteroaryl alkenolate, and chalcogenolate complexes can be prepared synthetically and then decomposed to the corresponding metallic, oxidic, and chalcogenide-based materials using suitable decomposition methods.

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